It’s happening again!

It happened again. I disappeared. But this time the reason is a positive one.

As many of you know I am a stay at home mother to an utterly attitude filled adorable 21 month old daughter, often referred to here as B. All that is about to change as once April 2017 rolls around – we will be a family of four (five including our fluffy black and white cat). I’m pregnant!


I’m about 12 weeks along now, and due to have my first ultrasound next week (which I feel super nervous about as my last pregnancy I had a scan at 11 weeks so waiting a bit longer this time fills me with anxiety!). I’ve known since I was about 6 weeks, but sickness got me good this time around. Honestly for all you women who experience sickness throughout your full pregnancy, I really do applaud you. Especially if you already have children/jobs/homes to run. I didn’t know how much it could effect you. I just didn’t have the energy to even lift my head up or focus some days, let alone blog. Looking at my phone made me feel sick, it was like motion sickness but I was completely off food too. Unfortunately I lost weight during this time, but I read this is common. But sickness has now passed and my appetite is slowly returning, so why not dive right back in where I left off.

I don’t remember much about my first pregnancy so I can’t compare, luckily I wrote in a baby book so I’m definitely going to dig it out and see what’s the same and what’s different. To be honest I don’t think it has even sunk it properly yet. Did anyone else feel this way with there second? I mean on B I’m pretty sure I already had a snowsuit, a box of nappies and a few other baby items purchased at this point (I know, super eager).

It’s just a short and sweet post today. Keep a look out for my upcoming pregnancy posts as well as my usual posts. And thanks for bearing with me.

Lots of Love

How were your first trimesters during pregnancy? Were they different from your first pregnancy?

Run Jump Scrap!

My Thankful List.

Sitting back and actually pondering over life, it’s easy to see that I have a lot to be thankful for. Since it is Sunday, what better way to round off the week than to put these marvellously positive reasons out into my own personal corner of the internet. I have many reasons to be thankful in life but for the sake of the blog, lets round it to five. So here we go, lets count these blessings:

  1. I have a very resourceful, beautiful, kind and most importantly healthy 19 month old daughter. This is easily the thing I am most thankful for in life by far. Many people go through life longing for a child or having some many obstacles in their way whilst trying to achieve this and the fact I was able to bring my daughter into this world comfortably and stress free was/is amazing. I know as a parent, we all have those moments where our child tests our patience, but deep down I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is an exceptional, incredible journey and every part of it makes up parenthood (especially the bad and the ugly moments). She is here and with me, and loves me unconditionally. How can I not be thankful?
  2. Love is also something not everyone gets to experience, or they find love and unfortunately it gets away. For whatever reason. Love is something I am massively thankful for. And by love, I mean the relationship I have with my fiance. Eight years we have been together now. Eight years has brought many high and low moments, but now our relationship is strong, sturdy and (I feel) shatterproof. It’s so cliche to say but he is my best friend, rock and soulmate. The support I receive from him is something I will forever be thankful for.
  3. My health is something I am very thankful for. Losing my mother as a small child and then my Nanna as a teen (who was my guardian) means that I understand the true value of how important your health is and how quickly it can take a turn for the worse. We are all so quick to grumble about a cough or a cold we have, but we forget that there are many people in this world battling to stay another day. I thank heavens every morning that I am healthy and here to experience my daughters life.
  4. My education. Living in the UK means I have always had the access to education from being a young child. At the age of 3/4 years old, I was in pre-school, then primary school, then secondary school, then college and then university. Okay university might not have been the route for me, but the fact I had the opportunity to even apply to go there is an incredible thing. Many people in this world do not even have access to a proper childhood education, don’t know how to read or write or even count. It’s something you take massively for granted, especially living in the UK. I am extremely thankful that my education served me well and is the basis for many opportunities I receive in life.
  5. Since this blog has turned into a deep post, I will finish it on a lighter thankful note. I am thankful for my cat. He was abandoned as a kitten and took to a cat shelter. Luck would have it, two weeks later, we fell in love with him and he became a part of our family. He is a cat you wouldn’t ever think had such a rough start to life. He is a gentle soul, playful (but doesn’t hurt) and is my daughters best friend. I am thankful for the smiles he brings to her face on a daily basis.

So there we have it. My week rounded off and brought to an end with a smile on for face for all these precious, lovely things I have to be thankful of. In this fast paced, quick moving world, we don’t reflect on life enough.

Lots of Love

What are you thankful for in life? 

B’s Chronicles: Routine at 19 months.

Routine is something every parent seems to discuss and try to implement. I personally believe routine is key to a happy, sane parent and child – although I am only human and not every day is as simple and to ‘plan’ as I dreamt it would be. B is 19 months now, so I find a routine is much easier to execute that it was a year ago. Please note I am not going to include nappy changes or when she has a drink, as she independently chooses when she would like a drink and it is always available/at reach for her. Also, I am not going to include every single detail or exact time (as you know nothing is every bang on every day), just a rough over look on what usually happens.19 MONTH ROUTINE

So let’s get started, here’s a day in the life of B (typically):

  • 8:15am – Wake up, and spend fifteen minutes upstairs, usually read a book in bed with Mum and Dad.
  • 8:45am – Breakfast, along with a drink of juice, whilst watching Cbeebies (yes I am a parent that let’s my child watch TV in moderation). She has all meals at her own small table.
  • 9:15am – Get dressed, have a wash and do teeth (this includes getting Mum too and usually we have some play upstairs during this, so it does take a little while)
  • 10am – Usually an activity such as painting, mark making, block building etc (I do try and give 100% of attention here and stay off social media etc during this period). She will have a small snack around this time too.
  • 10:45am – If we go out, we usually go out around this time to be back in time for her nap. If it’s a miserable day and we have no plans B will have some independent play time, tottering around playing with whatever she pleases. If she is feeling especially in a good mood, she will help me do small house work such as the laundry/wash the pots.
  • 11:30am – Within this next half an hour, lunch is usually prepared and served, and she is usually engrossed in this until around 12:15pm, again she will eat her lunch whilst watching an episode of something (I do give her the opportunity to choose what it is she would like to watch).
  • 1pm – Around this time, B will then go down for a nap. She does sleep in a toddler bed (with one side down) and she does get herself to sleep. She does usually have milk too,though I am looking to cut out the bottle though (wish me luck).
  • 3pm – B is usually awake by 3. She will then probably play upstairs in her bedroom, exploring the jigsaws and shape sorters, or be sat reading in her tent or playing picnic with her teddies or go outside in the garden if it is dry enough and the weather permits us too.
  • 3:30pm – B will have a snack and usually she will select what she would like.
  • 3:45pm to 5.30pm – Within this time period B will play, dance to music, go on walks etc. Then at 5:30pm she will help clear away her toys ready for her tea.
  • 6pm – B has her tea and a pudding (we give it her at this time as we find any earlier and B will wake up for a milk in the night, bearing in mind she hasn’t had a night feed since 9 months old as she sleeps straight through. So we find she gets hungry in the night if she has her tea before 6pm). 
  • 6:30pm – We start our bedtime routine now, we shut the living room blinds so B knows it is time to start settling down and then let her finish watching In The Night Garden. After that we go upstairs for a bath, to brush our teeth and get pjs on.
  • 7:45pm – B is usually back downstairs, reading stories with Mum/Dad. From this point on we don’t really let B get all her toys out, espeically not loud or noisy ones and usually try to keep the house quiet. She can watch an episode of Bing Bunny or Teletubbies if she wants too. We just prefer not to put any music on or anything that’s hugely stimulating so she can wind down. If she doesn’t seem tired at all, we will pop on a Disney Movie but still keep the house quiet and relaxed with cuddles. Typically B has bedtime stories downstairs first.
  • 8pm to 8:45pm – B will have her milk in her bed whilst we read her a bedtime story and then go to sleep. She says goodnight and turns her night lights on every night she goes to bed as we found this really helped her settle and understand it is bedtime. That’s her asleep until around 8am onward the next morning.

There you have it. As I said, there isn’t every single detail of what we do every single second of the day but that being said I do try and keep days different and mixed up. I do try to get her outside at least once a day – whether that’s outside in the garden playing out or on a trip out the house on an errand with me. As I touched on, I do let her watch TV as I believe that Cbeebies can be a wonderful thing – it can help children develop their language and learn new things such as shapes and colours. I have Mister Makers Shapes to thank for B knowing what a triangle is but that is a different story.

Lots of Love

Does your child have a routine or do you just roll with the punches? Do you believe routine is important in a child’s life? 

Fad Friday: Typical Skincare Regime.

First of, regime…as a mum of a very adventurous, lively 19 month old, I wouldn’t say my ‘regime’ is much of a regime actually. It’s more of an assignment I set for myself each day, like homework given to you by your teacher. You need to do it. Don’t necessarily want to (especially if you have spent the last half an hour of your ‘evening wind down’ picking up grains of rice that seem to have multiplied from tea), but I have always looked after my skin and being a mum could possibly shouldn’t change this. Just a little side not before we get started, I typically don’t wear much make up day to day. A little foundation and mascara does the trick for me and makes me feel like I’ve achieved something personal that day if nothing else. So here it is, my beauty regime:

Fad Fridays

  • AM – Before applying any make up, I always moisturise! I do suffer from mild eczema/dry skin (mostly on my legs) so really do put the effort in to moisturise my skin to prevent any further break outs of dryness. My favourite product to use for this is Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing.
  • PM – After a busy day, I have most probably  definitely sweated off any make up I had on, so I start my regime by using Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water and some cotton pads.They do also offer an oil infused version of this product (which I didn’t know) and you can check out this great review of the product, which I really enjoyed by The Life of a Glagsow Girl, here). Anyway back to the micellar water – you may of heard about this product, especially if you follow any beauty bloggers, but it’s getting great positive reviews and in my opinion, is worth a purchase. It’s so easy on the skin, can be used to remove eye make up too (which is always good if you don’t want to use too many products) and gives you a real clean feeling afterwards without the need to rinse.
  • I go on to use Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner. I don’t use this every day as I don’t wear much on my skin, and do like to give my skin at least one day break from all products, just to let it breathe and let some natural oils in. If you do use a cleanser and toner, but sure to give your face a good, deep wash with clean cool water afterwards. Any product left could cause a mini break out of spots or irritation (speaking from experience after a very quick rinse after using the first time).
  • Every now and again, probably about once a week, I do like to steam my face. I don’t use any fancy products. Just a bowl/sink of hot water (so do be careful if you do this) and a towel. I probably steam for about five minutes, just to open up my pores and let my skin regain some moisture it may have lost in the week. I sometimes add a little cucumber, just to give the steam that little subtle smell of freshness. After finishing the steam, I get a cool cloth and gently lay it on my face. I find this helps my skin personally feel refreshed and clean.
  • After this I will then moisturise again with the same product I use in the morning.

There you have it. My quick and simple beauty regime. I am by no means a skincare expert so what I do might not be everyone’s cup of tea or the products I use may not be everyone favourites, but this works for me. It’s quick and simple (which is perfect after a busy day as a mum), and cleanses and clears my skin. I do believe you need to look after your skin, so I do take pride in making sure my skin is clean and gets moments to breathe.

Lots of Love

How different is my skin care regime to yours? Do you use any products I have mentioned? 


Pick N Mix Fridays

What do I want for my blog? 

Blogging isn’t something I ‘dreamt’ of doing, it wasn’t an ambition or a life goal. I don’t have a creative bone in my body, witty writers humour or any photography skills to make my blog even remotely professional. If anything it was just something to help me cope, adjust and record my adventures during motherhood. I started Mum is the Word blog back in October 2015 (see awkward first post here) feeling very happy and welcomed into the blogsphere. I had found a passion for something and a hobby (I didn’t know I needed) at the same time. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I had to put my blog on the back burner for a while. I never got the chance to reflect on what I achieved before I took a break so thought I’d cut myself some slack and mull over what I accomplished before my long break in January:


  • Participated in weekly linkies, having personal favourites where I became a regular blogger and reader (even being credited for reading/commenting the post posts a few times) sidenote: I’m a big believer that you will get what you give one day 
  • Bought my own domain, although still through, so not as far as being self-hosted but I am proud of domain
  • Acquired 450 Twitter followers
  • Reached 797 views and 209 comments
  • Featured on mummylala’s page as part of the Stay at Home Crowd (part two) which you can check out here
  • Learnt how to schedule tweets and posts for days when my schedule is full

It wasn’t an impressive amount achieved but still, it’s a start. I’ve read many posts that remind us all (and rightly so as I need the encouragement sometimes) that blogging and the progress many gain doesn’t happen overnight or without effort. So I’m giving myself credit where I feel is due. I achieved something. No matter how small. And reflecting has given me the boost to set some goals for the next few months and hopefully encourage me to grow even more. So here we go, my goals I hope to hit before September:

  • Reach 1,500 Twitter followers
  • Set up a blog series (I will need to brainstorm this some more however) 
  • Reach 50 followers on Pintrest (I have just set this up and really need to do some research as it’s so confusing to me, so I am aiming small, do follow me at MITWblog) 
  • Do at least three posts a week
  • Re-familiarise myself with Instagram and be more active on this
  • Participate in linkies every day, and join ones I aren’t so familiar with
  • Try to do some photography to improve my posts
  • Possibly do a give away 

One of the biggest obstacles I feel I am facing with the blog is trying to understand and figure out the direction to go in and what to blog about. However I do feel hopefully this will come with time; but for now I am going to continue blogging about parenthood, life and whatever is on my mind and more importantly I am going to continue to blog for me. That way, I can  hopefully I can reach my destination and mature my blog with time, love and dedication.

Lots of Love

What goals have you set and what barriers do you face with blogging? Have you any proud achievements? 
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3 Amusing Motherhood Moments. 

We all have those moments where you simply can’t stop chuckling away at your child, whether it’s for good or bad reasons. Children are definitely interesting, unpredictable, spontaneous characters! I’ve had plenty of different moments over the last 18 month journey of motherhood. I’ve had the good, bad and the ugly. But after doing B’s 18 month update (which you can catch up on right here), I ended up reflecting on some of the funny moments my little one has brought me. So here we go, three amusing moments (in no particular order): 

  1. B is colouring with her crayons on a big roll of paper whilst I potter about cleaning after tea time. Oh crap, I’ve forgot the dustpan and brush! B is still colouring, only glancing up to check on what Iggle Piggle is up to every now and again. Surely I can just nip in the kitchen and grab it? Yeh B is still fully submerged in her masterpiece, go go go. *runs into the kitchen*. B isn’t colouring. In her hand she has a black biro pen (these things just appear at the worst times)… She’s stood near the walls. I have grey wallpaper in my living room. Where did that pen come from? Wait – when did the wallpaper have that pattern? No it can’t be? Yep. She’s drew on the wall. Ask B what that is on the wall, she says ‘allwiiite’ (translation alright) whilst shaking her head and hands. She disappears, stomping into the hallway, returns with hairspray (this was in the stairs to be taken up) with a look that without a doubt shows she means business and then proceeds to get a baby wipe…What in the world? B pretends to spray the pen mark and tries to wipe the pen mark… ‘Muma draw gone’. It took me a while to figure it out but a couple of weeks earlier B saw me get some pen off the wall with this technique, so she tried to get her mark off by doing this. I didn’t know whether to laugh at her or tell her off!
  2. B is playing with her toy baby. Walking Walzing around the living room, pushing the trolley and picking her baby up to cuddle and give ‘mall’ (translation milk) every so often. How cute? A few minutes later B shushing and says night night, if only getting a baby to sleep was this quick and easy and tear free, and toddles off happy that her dolly is content. The cat jumps up in the windowsill, knocking off the picture frame in the process. Que a bang. B stops in her tracks. It’s okay it’s just the cat being cheeky. B stares. Tuts and then charges over to the window sill, stopping when the cat is in front of her. ‘O dehur’ (translation oh dear), ‘baba na night’ she shouts pointing and frowning at the very confused cat. I wouldn’t like to be kitty now. B twirls round, rushes back to her babies pram and proceeds to rock the trolley back and forth, clearly getting the baby back to sleep. Karma but seriously I’m a little scared of this diva’ish behaviour. 
  3. B is in her bedroom, tottering around in her own little world and playing whilst I put away the huge pile of washing next to her wardrobe. B proceeds to go and sit in her toy car and pretends to drive to the ‘pops’ (translation shops). B is trying to strap her seat belt around her. Best help her before she stresses out. B gives me the stare down as I read into the car. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. ‘No Mumma’. I step back and leave her too it. Walking away I just hear a little voice say ‘illy gurl Mumma’. Surely not. My 18 month old didn’t just say that. 

So there you have it, a few moments that have brought a smile to my face. It’s funny what your little ones say and do, especially when they are at an age where they seem to pick up on everything (even things you wish they wouldn’t) and do something new and different every day. It’s like you can see there little impressionable minds and personalities being moulded right before your eyes. I definitely think one of the biggest blessings of being a parent is having these little, unique moments where you just look at your child and laugh at how they react and handle situations, even if deep down you know you should be telling them if the ‘correct’ thing to say/do.

What kind of things do your children do that make you smile and laugh? 

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Toddler Fashion: B chooses her Outfit of the Day. 

With little B being my first child, I am guilty of buying millions one to many outfits for her to wear. I always pick out two outfits every morning and give her the choice/opportunity to decide which outfit she would like to wear that day. I think doing this makes her feel involved in this daily, normal routine and to also give her a little independence. Now my little B has a date every Saturday with her grandparents, so before I could select two outfits for her to choose from that morning, in she strolls holding an outfit she has chosen herself, along with a huge smile on her face. She was clearly very proud of herself, as I was. B is 19 months old, and I think I have a little Gok Wan in training. So without further ado here’s B’s outfit of the day: 

Dress: Next 

Tights: McKays 

Shoes: Not pictured but Converse 

B went with a beautiful denim dress with a little white bunny rabbit on the front. The rabbit is fluffy as well as nice and soft, B loves to feel the texture of it and will just stroke the rabbit for ages. The shade of blue that the dress is brings out her cute blue eyes, and it’s very light weight and flows beautifully – perfect for all this humid weather. I really like the little lace detail across the top of the dress, I think it adds a really nice touch but keeps it quite simple too. B opted to go for pink tights, which is unusual as she usually chooses socks – she knows she can pull them off when her feet get a but clammy and then force people to smell them. The tights are from McKays and they are quite thick and woollen, but they feel a nice quality and fit really well on the feet. B doesn’t have shoes on in the pictures but we went with baby pink converse, matching her tights and her little pink bow in her hair. With it being B’s first independent outfit choice, I think she made a rather cute and girly choice. I asked her if she liked her dress and she gave it a little hug (well tried to as she was wearing it) – all in all a successful outfit of the day.

How do your children get involved with daily routines? What are some outfits they put together? 

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